Smart Page Organizer and Manager

It is unnecessary to scan your notes in sequence; the O2O Smart Page Organizer and Manager will organize them in order for you and according to your assigned Group and Date Index. Color Index shall appear automatically enable you to view pages based on the Group Index.

Easy Sharing

Share your complete book or page(s) with several convenient ways: via the O2O App, email and Apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Line, etc).

Multi Device and Safe Experience

O2O allows you to save and view your notes from any device within the same platform anytime and anywhere; as the note is stored within our safe and secure cloud. Giving you peaceful mind.

Notes Enhancer

Enhance your notes with O2O's user-friendly Productivity Tools; such as highlight important notes, add comments, and erase unwanted writing. It is so easy to use!

Advanced Search Options

Use Advanced Search Options feature to find your specific page of your journal. Search by Date, Attachment, Bookmark, Email List and Tag. Advanced Search Options together with Color Index simplify your document search activity.

Voice Recording

Complete your document by adding voice notes using the Voice Recorder feature.

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You can customize the app and journal for branding purposes. A smart idea for your corporate gift to highlight your brand!

Premium & Innovative Gift

The unique system of O2O, the high quality journal with user-friendly features distinguish us from other journals.

Product Customization & Brand Reinforcement

Unique cover design, debossed logo on cover, running logo on every inside page and app customization.

Exclusive Corporate Banner

Update your customer of your latest news via corporate banner on regular basis. Make a long lasting impression and drive customer loyalty.

O2OJournals App Available For Free Download

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